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Fans of the Stargate movies and television series will see the similarity to a Moongate.  Unfortunately, it is not a functioning Stargate and cannot be converted into one.  Just step through one and your imagination can take you anywhere!  Originally of Chinese design, Moongates were brought to Bermuda in the late 19th century thanks to the British fascination with Chinese culture.  The Chinese gate design served as an ornamental entrance way to homes and gardens.  

In Bermuda, the Moongate became a national icon.  There are approximately forty, free-standing gates spread out across the island.  It is considered good luck for newlyweds to walk through the gates right after being married.  Moongates present a fantastic photo opportunity for newlyweds, tourists, and locals.  

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 Gombey dancers are a quintessential symbol of Bermuda reflecting a mix of African, Caribbean, and British cultures.  You will be amazed by the colorful costumes, energetic performers, music with a beat, and dancing that never seems to end.  A must see when in Bermuda.  Check out this awesome video! 

Bermuda Gombey Festival 2018 Highlights

Bermuda International Gombey Festival Showcase, October 12, 2019

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